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Ibsen and Hamsun for the young

A full-day program based on the life and work of the two writers, with form and content adapted and tailored to appeal to the young. Ibsen and Hamsun's work covers a range of issues still relevant for the young today.

Students will meet artists of national acclaim who appeal to the young through literature, music, drama, talks and film.

Two hungry men - a literary meeting with Ibsen and Hamsun

A presentation of the two authors and a work from each - Hamsun's "Hunger" and Ibsen's "Terje Vigen" - in a dramatized version.

"Hunger" from 1890 was Hamsun's breakthrough novel, and it also represents the start of a new era in Norwegian literature. The novel was dramatized and performed as a puppet theatre by TinkerTing and the puppeteers Per Arne Løset and Gisle Hass, produced by Norland figurteater and directed by Pickled Image, England.

Ibsen's poem "Terje Vigen" is the literary work maybe displaying the strongest connection with Grimstad. It was written in 1862, and is about Terje Vigen who rows across to Denmark to get food for himself and his family during the Napoleonic Wars when the supply route to Norway was blocked by the English. The poem was presented as a classic reading by actor Morten Liene.

The Battle of Grimstad Harbour

Over 200 years ago, a major sea battle took place in Grimstad. An English frigate tried to take control of a sloop on its way from Bergen to Flensburg with foodstuffs. There were canon fire and shooting in the harbour, and many were wounded. But what really happened on 16 March 1811? How did it all start?

This is the opening of the performance "The Battle of Grimstad Harbour". Together with a musician, museum curator and actor, students are brought into the story and are allowed to "participate" in the dramatic event. This 35-minute performance provides an insight into important moments in Grimstad's history, as well as the living conditions, communication technology, music and culture of the time. The project is among Grimstad bys museer's initiatives in connection with the 200-year anniversary of the sea battle in 2011.

Poetry and love

- an initiative based on Ibsen and Hamsun's work

What is it to be in love? Is it the same now as it was before? How do we express love in writing and speech today compared to earlier times?

By studying selected poems by Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun, students will enter a dialogue and discussion with poetry and love as the topic. The program encourages activity and creativity. Students will be given the opportunity to write love poems with pen and ink. They will also learn how to use language for effect to aid their interpretation of poems or for use in their own work. This is achieved through personal involvement - in groups as well as individually.

The program includes a guided tour of the Ibsen Museum and parts of Grimstad town centre, with focus on what may have inspired Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun to write when living in Grimstad.