Our collections

Grimstad bys museer has collections relating to the areas documented and disseminated by the museum.

The town collection

- comprises artefacts, furniture, paintings and other visual material from private homes and local institutions, and was started in 1914.

The maritime collection

- the sailing-ship era is well documented. Some of the items are exhibited at Grimstad Maritime Museum located in Hasseldalen.

The horticultural collection

- is available at the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture, which was established in 1992. This special interest collection features a comprehensive range of equipment, literature and visual material relating to horticulture.

The Birger Beisland's collection

- the region's agriculture heritage is well covered. This is a private collection donated to the municipality and the museum. It is truly amazing the amount of old carriages and tools an individual has managed to accumulate and preserve.

The Ibsen collection

- can be found at Norway's oldest Ibsen Museum, located in Grimstad town centre. Ibsen-related material has been received by the museum for almost one hundred years. The original pharmacy in which Ibsen worked has been preserved. Hence, the collection also communicates pharmaceutical history.

Knut Hamsun

There is not, at the moment, a dedicated Knut Hamsun museum in Grimstad, but the museum foundation holds a number of artefacts and books relating to the renowned novelist.

The Fløistad collection

- comprises camera equipment and photographs donated by the heirs of the photographer Ivar Fløistad. Included are atelier and darkroom equipment, cameras, interior (waiting room) and negatives.