Hasseldalen is located at Biodden, 500 metres from Grimstad town centre. It was once a shipyard, first established by Mathias Gundersen in 1842 who built sailing ships and employed a large workforce. In 1848, Morten Smith Petersen purchased the site and continued the operation with great success. He also ran a shipping company. When he died in 1872, his son Fredrik took over. In the 1890s, Fredrik made an attempt to build iron ships instead, but the enterprise was not financially viable. 

Sjøfartsmuseet i Grimstad ligger i Hasseldalen ved Vikkilen. Her var det skipsverft i mange år. 'Navnebua' har skilter med navn på. Dette er navnene på båter som har blitt bygt i Hasseldalen.
Sjøfartsmuseet i Grimstad ligger vakkert til i Hasseldalen ved Vikkilen. Foto: Simen Samuelsen.

Jørgensen and Vik took over in 1906, and produced fishing boats, gigs and prams, various leisure boats, both sailing and motor, and lifeboats. This business was then acquired by the company Nordsafe, and the lifeboat production continued. The shipping company Bergshav AS has had Hasseldalen as its base since 1990. "Navnebua" became home to the Hasseldalen Maritim Collection in 1991, and a maritime museum was established in the old "Kontoret". Hasseldalen is ideal for recreational pursuit.

In the sailing-ship era, this beautiful area by the inlet to Vikkilen was packed with slipways. Vikkilen has played a key role in boat production and shipping over the years - and still is.