The cultural rucksack

School year 2013-2014

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Year 5-7

Apis, apiarus, apiarum! "If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live."

This was Albert Einstein words when he realised how important pollination was for nature and for humans. To understand this claim, we have to understand how bees function. Apis, apiarus, apiarum! At the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture, many questions are answered.

What happens when the bees visit the flowers?
What does bees do, and what is life like inside the beehive?
What is it like being dressed as a bee-keeper?
What is beeswax, and what have we used it for over the years?

Pupils will become familiar with the bee-keeper function, both past and present, and will be using all the senses - look, listen, smell, taste and touch. There is also an opportunity to meet real bees, and to make products from beeswax.

Location: The Norwegian Museum of Horticulture, Dømmesmoen
Duration: 2,5 hours

Year 9, Grimstad Municipality

(for questions regarding the program, please contact the cultural services at

She kissed me and made me drunk

As part of the HAMSUNfantasies project, some of Norway's most renowned visual artists have interpreted Knut Hamsun's works through their own art. "She kissed me and made me drunk" is a performance where a path is weaved in Hamsun's universe, using pictures, literature and characters.

The students become part of a theatre performance and art exhibition where they themselves play the roles. Through this theatrical and intuitive approach, we aim to develop the students' knowledge of contemporary art and promote interest in Hamsun's work and literary characters.