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Wartime sailors

In 2020 it was 75 years since the end of World War II. At the maritime museum, this is marked with an exhibition on wartime sailors.

The fleet was Norway’s most important contribution to the Allied war effort, but its darker side was the loss of human life; 4,647 people died on Norwegian ships during the war, either at home along the coast or on the seven seas. Furthermore, many returned home injured for life and deeply affected by the horrors of war. The maritime war effort made its mark not only on those who returned home, but also those who were waiting and those who grew up in its wake.

Although most of the wartime sailors have passed away, they are still remembered by many. They were fathers, uncles and grandparents, and they were affected by their experiences. An important aim of the exhibition is for everyone with links to a wartime sailor to find something that is relevant to them. Therefore, it will be possible to follow one single ship or one single sailor through the wartime years.