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Hamsun on your own

There are several places in Grimstad linked to Knut Hamsun (1859–1952). Most can be explored without guide; please see locations and descriptions below.

Bust of Hamsun, Knut Hamsuns plass (Storgaten 44) – outside the planned Hamsun museum is a bust of Knut Hamsun made by Roald Olsson. This was a gift from his grandchild, Anne Marie Thurmann-Moe, and was unveiled in the Hamsun Year 2009.

Victoria statue, Bietorvet, Storgaten 15 – a statue made by Nina Sundbye, inspired by the main character in Knut Hamsun's novel "Victoria" (1898).

The postbox, Storgaten 23 – described in "On Overgrown Paths"; please see Hamsun's footpaths: Brevkortet (the Postcard)

Hamsun’s footpaths: "Brevkortet" (the Postcard), from old Grimstad hospital (Frivoldveien 24) to the postbox in Storgaten – in his book "On Overgrown Paths" (1949), Knut Hamsun describes a strenuous walk to post a letter to Nørholm. His route is today a way-marked path, and is easy to follow without guide.

Hamsun’s footpaths: “Edens have" (the Garden of Eden), from old Grimstad hospital (Frivoldveien 24) to Edens have, Dømmesmoen – Knut Hamsun was in custody at Grimstad hospital in 1945. He was allowed to go for walks in the immediate area, and one of these led to "Edens have” – a summer residence belonging to Morten Smith Petersen. The building was destroyed by fire in 1922, but Hamsun's route is way-marked.

Old Grimstad hospital, Frivoldveien 24 – when arrested in June 1945, Knut Hamsun was detained at old Grimstad hospital. He stayed there until September 1945, and was then transferred to a nursery home in Landvik. His time at the hospital is described in the book "On Overgrown Paths".

Nørholm farm, Nørholmkilen – the Hamsun family's home in Grimstad from 1918 (Eide Municipality prior to 1961; Landvik Municipality from 1961; Grimstad Municipality from 1971). By Hamsun's grave in the garden at Nørholm is a bust of Knut Hamsun made by Wilhelm Rasmussen. The farm is still owned by the family, and is not open to the public.

Dikterstuen, Nørholm farm – when Knut Hamsun purchased Nørholm farm, an empty croft was included in the deeds. In 1921, Knut Hamsun had the croft moved closer to the farm in order to use it as a writer's cottage. Not open to the public.

Trolldalen picnic area, E18 direction west – stone fence marking the boundary for Nørholm prior to the new E18 route.

Eide cemetery by Eide church (1795), Fossdalsveien 2 – burial site for almost the entire Hamsun family: Marie Hamsun (1881-1969) – married to Knut Hamsun. Tore Hamsun (1912-1995) – Knut and Marie’s eldest son. Arild Hamsun (1914-1988) – Knut and Marie’s second eldest son. Ellinor Hamsun (1915-1987) – Knut and Marie’s eldest daughter. Brit Hamsun (1919-1995) – married to Arild Hamsun. Esben Hamsun (1942-1964) - Brit and Arild’s son. Knut Hamsun’s urn is buried under the laburnum in the garden at Nørholm.

The cave by Store Luetjenn, route 404/Opplandsveien – unveiled by Landvik historielag in 2009. Described in "On Overgrown Paths", 1949.