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Ibsen's herb garden

Dømmesmoen in Grimstad – one of the country's most stunning parks – is home to Ibsen's herb garden, featuring plants used in medicine in the mid-1800s.

Foto: Simen Samuelsen.

Ibsen's herb garden is a true gem in the beautiful park at Dømmesmoen. Discover herbs of former pharmaceutical importance – the same species as Henrik Ibsen used when preparing medicines as an apothecary's apprentice in Grimstad (1843–1850). The herbs have been arranged in groups according to the ailments for which they were used. I.e. medication for healing various conditions relating to the mind, skin, stomach, intestines, bile, lungs, mouth, bladder/kidneys, heart, and rheumatism. There are also herbs believed to heal pain and cramps, and herbs used in cooking. 

The herb garden is at its best in June and July, but is worth a visit all year round. Explore on your own, or experience the park and herb garden together with one of our competent guides. Guided tours can be booked via Grimstad Tourist Office.